Business Philosophy


To be the Leading Furniture Rental provider in Asia Pacific that offers Innovative and Integrated furnishing solutions.


To constantly provide high quality products and excellent customer service with competitive pricing to meet the changing needs of our customers.


Customers: We believe that Company will not survive and flourish without the support of their Customers; therefore, we will place the satisfaction of our Customers on top of every business consideration and decision.

Integrity: We believe Integrity is the foundation of building long term successful business relationship; therefore, we will require our management and staff to be honest and sincere with our customers, our shareholders, our vendors, and with all others whom they may come in contact in the name of the business.

Management: We believe Management is the art of leading people to achieve Company and personal goals; therefore, leadership qualities and proven ability to accomplish objectives will be the primary criteria by which we select and evaluate managers.

Employees: We believe well-trained and highly motivated Employees are the greatest assets of an organization; therefore, we will select, train, groom and reward employees for their superior performance and excellent service commitment to our customers and company.

Planning: We believe proper Planning is the art of preparing for Growth and change; therefore, we will use planning as an essential management tool to propel our growth and respond swiftly to any changes that come along.

Communication: We believe open and two-way Communication are essential for an organization to foster cohesion and teamwork; therefore, we share and express ideas openly, and value differences in term of experience and opinion.

Profit: We believe our ability to properly service our customers and enhance shareholders value depend on long term profitability; therefore, it is our commitment to create a responsible and reasonable return on assets for our business.

Community: We believe a profitable and growing business should bear the social responsibility to help improve the lives and living standard of its fellow people; therefore, we will invest part of our abundance into the Community that sustains us.